INVESTMENTS YOU CAN MAKE
Despite recent slowdowns in some markets, housing remains a good long-term investment, and demographic demand favors housing over the long term.  Homeownership offers immediate benefits and long-term value.  Homeowners accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a shelter that they can use, improve and sell.    
           "The word "HOUSE" covers the physical realities of a property.
Three bedrooms, two baths, a new roof.  A loft with a deck etc.
           "The word "HOME" goes beyond the mere walls, and  occupies a powerful mental space for people.  "HOME" is where memories are created, where good fortune is celebrated and bad news is endured. 
If you are buying or selling a home and need a grounded agent to help make the experience less stressful, more exciting, and hopefully even a little fun, then GEORGIA is the right agent for you.  She understands that trust, integrity, persistance and patience are very important aspects of the entire process and will handle every last detail of the transaction, minimizing stress while maximizing satisfaction.
Buying your new home is a serious venture.  It can be an absolute pleasure or a massive headache.  Your house is not just your home, it is a serious investment in the dwelling, the area and your future.  With the low interest rates and lower home values, there is no better time to buy then NOW!!! I specialize in helping first
time home buyers and am a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

SELLERS There are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through 
the front door and want to buy your home.  In many cases you have to bring a home to the buyer.  Effective marketing will help ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer.  Today it
is a Sellers market so don't hesitate in listing your home.   

As your REALTOR, I will analyze the current market conditions, recent sales, and expired listings to give you a realistic assessment of your home's value and recommend some proven strategies for preparing your home for sale. 

                    WHETHER YOU FIND A HOME BY..................
                     SEEING AN AD IN THE PAPER
                     DRIVING BY A "FOR SALE' SIGN
                         VISITING AN OPEN HOUSE
                   HEARING ABOUT A HOME FOR SALE
       ............ I CAN SELL ANY OF THEM TO YOU............!!!!!!

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